Words and the Body in Vocal Improvisation
co-hosted with Ananda Montange
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A 3-day workshop to get back to the basics of vocal improvisation, the body and the voice.

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This workshop is full. As cancellations are not uncommon, you can register on the waiting list using the form below.

Vocal improvisation is the art of playing with the voice and the body in a spontaneous way. Walking, moving forward, moving in space – these are everyday actions that come naturally. Talking, discussing, thinking – these are all things that happen automatically. We improvise every day with our bodies and our voices. And yet… when it comes to improvising musically with these elements… we get stuck. As if naming the action of improvising broke what was already there.

This workshop takes you back to the foundations of vocal improvisation, the body and the voice. Using words and movement as a starting point, we’ll build a bridge, a passageway to words and movement through vocal improvisation. From the quality of our support and posture to the presence of our gaze – to ourselves and to the world – we invite you to place the body in a space and a space within the body. From the banality of our discussions and our inner monologue to the subtlety of our emotions, we invite you to say the words that are there and to be there with the words that are said.

The tools on offer will be used to navigate from everyday improvisation to musical improvisation. A meeting place where the voice and body are no longer merely means of action, but become ends in themselves. On this path, we will try to strike a balance between sharpness of concentration and letting go in order to remain available to ourselves and to the group.

These days will be an opportunity to open up a space for experimentation to connect our states of body, our states of mind and their words to the practice of vocal improvisation in all its forms (circlesong, co-improvisation, flow…).

This workshop will be filmed so that you can have access to the workshop tools as presented during the workshop.
Certain video extracts may be used at a later date to provide a visual presentation of the activities we offer on our various communication networks. Should this be the case, your consent will be requested.

Practical Information


3 days:
22-24 April 2024


La Mixture Enchantée
7 place de l’église 01800 Joyeux

Indicative timetable

9:30am – 12:30pm and 2:30 – 5:30pm + evening practices

Number of participants

Between 8 et 12 participants


50 deposit to cover the cost of the venue + free price

You give us whatever you want according to your financial capacity. If you prefer having a fixed price: we usually charge €80/person/day in addition to the venue fees when we apply a fixed price.

Accommodation & Food

Optional accommodation: included in the venue fee
1/ Camping in the garden
2/ Truck in the church car park (next to the venue)
2/In shared rooms (3-4 people): fitted sheet + duvet cover + pillow cover to bring with you.

  • Meals: Collectively managed. The venue has a fully equipped kitchen. A collective food organisation system will be proposed.


Experience in circlesong or co-impro: being able to quickly find complementary or harmonised patterns
Sense of rhythm: keeping a beat, feeling the length of a bar, singing off-beats
Melodic and harmonic ear: knowing how to keep a phrase in the middle of the circle in polyphony; being able to suggest a second voice quickly
the ability to dare: being able to improvise solo; knowing how to make choices that serve the co-improvisation and not your own preferences; being able to look someone in the eye
vocal technique: the ability to adapt one’s timbre to that of another voice

If you’re not sure whether you meet the prerequisites, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss the matter.

Registration Form

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