Camille Pascal


Born into a non-musician family, Camille Pascal inherited her father’s eclectic and inclusive musical tastes and her mother’s attraction to world music and polyphony.

An intellectual at heart and an artist at soul, her path reflects this dual unity, where it is not enough for her to understand the signifier, but where it is as important to embody the signified in all its forms. A cycle at the conservatory in opera singing, a dissertation on John Dewey’s philosophy of education, another on the philosophy of emotions, a discovery of modern jazz dance, poems on loose sheets, three years of research at UCLouvain on ethics of migration, a fervent practice of Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga, five years teaching philosophy at university, an exploration of the body and movement in Axis Syllabus and Taoist Bioenergetics, training as a facilitator in Collective Intelligence, a course in Non-Violent Communication, a year of vocal technique before falling into vocal improvisation and body music in 2013 and plunging headlong into it. Camille has become a driving force in this field at both French and international level.

Camille develops a pragmatic, playful and artistic approach to vocal improvisation and body music. Since 2015, she has been creating learning tools and systems for singers of all levels, which she shares in circlesong, collective improvisation and presence exploration workshops. Her teaching takes shape around her passion for how learning works, and she uses visual, kinaesthetic and auditory tools. An eternal learner, she continues to train to broaden her range of skills (clowning, vocal technique, contact dance, body percussion, etc.). She was a member of the Spirale Voice collective of teachers (now disbanded) and publicly shares her tools on the collaborative “Ressources en Improvisation Vocale” website. Since 2019, she has been running Immersion Circlesong, a 1-year circlesong training course which she offers in France and Belgium and which is helping to create a new generation of facilitators and teachers.

Camille’s pedagogical friendships: Allan Wright and Florent Isoard (TCM), Véronique Gaspard (CNV), Gaël Aubrit (vocal improvisation), John Dewey and cognitive sciences (pedagogy), Música do Círculo (facilitation)…

Camille explores improvisation in three forms – voice, movement and words – passionate about the relationships that can be woven between these elements in the service of free and authentic individual and collective expression. She was choirmaster of the “Lycée du Parc choir”, performed in the children’s musical “Pantin Pantine”, and was a member of the improvised vocal group “Big Bang Choir”. As part of her solo project DRIÄD, she released the album Good Moʊd, a series of polyphonic songs written to immerse oneself in the world of improvisation with musical modes. She is currently working on a triptych at the crossroads of song, poetry and storytelling that will play with the plasticity of the voice and the body and the creation of emotions.

Camille’s artistic influences: Bobby McFerrin (vocal improvisation), Éric Blouet (clown), Camille (singer), Joeffrey Secco (jazz-hypnosis), Léïla Martial (vocalist), video games music…

Camille is very committed to structuring and expanding vocal improvisation and body music In 2017, she launched the “Chant pour Tous / Bruxelles” community, which now has hundreds of enthusiasts. She administers the “Circlesongs, impro vocale et chant spontané / France” and “Circle Singing and Vocal Improvisation / Belgium” vocal and body improvisation information-sharing groups, which link thousands of collaborators. She is a founding member of the international vocal improvisation network The Well. In 2020, she founded Le Cercle Enchanté/The Enchanted Circle, an association that promotes vocal improvisation and body music in France and abroad, creating links between teachers, artists and participants, and partnerships with official cultural structures. Camille is the artistic director of the Enchanted Circle retreat and festival.

Photo credit (top to bottom): Pixilie, Céline Jean, Olumedia/Ukvocalimprov , Pixilie, Kiko Medici